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Cafe Rico

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From the beginning of this century, Café Rico's only objective has been to produce Puerto Rico's best and purest coffee. The company's roots were conceived through strong relationships with Puerto Rico's coffee growers. For almost one century, coffee history, can be traced using Café Rico's history. Café Rico was the leading coffee company during the first part of the century. At this time, coffee exportation was a major factor on the island's economy. Café Rico's coffee is recognized worldwide as Puerto Rico's best coffee.  The Café Rico brand was founded in 1924 by Ramón S. Torres Vélez in San Juan. From the beginning, Café Rico’s objective has been to produce Puerto Rico’s best and purest coffee. The company’s roots were conceived through strong relationships with local coffee growers. In 1935 the brand was acquired by the Cooperativa de Cafeteros de Puerto Rico (“Coffee Growers Cooperative of Puerto Rico”), the first agricultural cooperative in the country that came to fill an imperious need among coffee growers. At the time the coffee industry had very old-fashioned sales system, and it was necessary to free the coffee farmers from the narrow siege formed by traffickers and speculators. Coffee growers were forced to change their product for provisions overcharged in price and on which they also paid high interest rates.  New markets were needed, but coffee growers could not do so individually. The cooperative achieved legislation against the adulteration of coffee and contraband on the Island, stabilized prices, and restored the product’s fame in international markets.

In 1982, due to serious financial problems, their assets were liquidated and a group of shareholders who were committed to the history and coffee culture acquired the company. Thus, a new era began for Café Rico in which the local sales market was recovered and the brand turned back into one of the favorites among consumers. Today, Café Rico is a favorite for bold flavored coffee lovers across the Caribbean and elsewhere.  Its steady and persistent growth still stands, making Café Rico one of the strongest brands in the market. Tasting profile: Medium-dark roast. Bold and aromatic. Available regular, decaf, instant, and espresso. carries the Largest Selection of Coffee from Puerto Rico at the Lowest Prices. Serving our customers since 1998. its Puerto Rico Coffee Shop on the Internet.