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Clients Comments

Hi Juan my name is Louie Thank you for taking the time to reach out to your customers like me. That extra step was awesome of you. I bought 2 orders of crema de Coco candies. I'm so happy  you have them in stock.
Have a great day
Thank you kindly
Buenos días!!! Quiero darles las gracias por los brazos gitanos y ajonjolí que ordené!!! El paquete llegó a Carolina Del Norte en 4 días. Excelente su servicio!!  Riquísimos y frescos!!! Ustedes son los mejores!!!! Muchísimas gracias. Estaré ordenando nuevamente!!!
Sinceramente: Desiree Ayala
I am glad that I found a place to buy my favourite sweets at a very reasonable price!  
I was so excited to receive my coffee today. Your service is exceptional!  Although I am not from Puerto Rico, my best friend is from Ponce so I visit with her a couple times a year. This coffee will help me in between visits!  Can’t wait to be back when this Covid threat has passed. Stay safe and thank you so much!
Hola Juan,
El Cafe es excelente!
Muchas gracias.
Alan Getz
Hi Juan-
Anytime.. Thank you for bringing a taste of Puerto Rico into my home.. eager to visit my island 🌴 in the near future. Stay safe!!

Gracias por la caja con todo que ordene, todo perfecto y rapido aqui a Connecticut! De mi isla querida 🇵🇷😉
Hi thank you very much for my order just got it today it was my first order and I’m very pleased. Muchas gracias
Me da gusto ver que hay tiendas como la suya, gracias a usted.
No problem Juan, it's my families pleasure to buy from Puerto Rican businesses. We love cafe and look forward to drinking it :)
One day my dream to live in PR and drink my coffee there.

Geraldo Hernandez
Thank you for my order I love my apron

Thank you for carrying the Cameo cookies, they are my favorite.

We use to vacation in Puerto Rico when I was younger and we loved the food.
My parents had a condo and the lady across the hall use Adobe all the time
and we loved it.   My brother ordered some awhile back, but we are all out of
it now and we really miss it.
Thank you for making it available to us.
Buenas Tardes,
First I want to let you know how delicious your candies are!  Every bite brings back a cherished childhood memory.  
I didn't even realize you sold art! I fell in love with the Bomba y Plena Serigraphy, as it encompasses the beautiful aspects of Puerto Rico's music and dancing from its 
African roots.  Thank you for depicting the Afro-Lations that have dark skin, as we don't often see ourselves portrayed in things deemed "Puerto Rican."
Is there any way you will have any more of these available soon?  I was so sad to see it is sold out, but not surprised.
Please bring this tesoro back!
Tamara Alvarez Santiago
Por nada Hermano!!!
Agradezco tu site pues al poder ordenar antojitos que acá no se consiguen...... me recuerda la belleza de mi tierra.

Gracias a Uds!!!
De verdad, ¡me encanta poder pedir la cosas que no se puede conseguir acá! Y para tener la opción de envío de gratis es fenomenal ❤ 
Delicioso cafe  Gracias
Dear Juan,
Thanks for the sweet note.  Of course....anytime.  I have been feeling so homesick lately, I had to find a way to get my comfort foods (also reminisce on memories - Emoji) from your items.
May you continue to be blessed in order to help us (Boricuas) who are away from the island get the sweetness of our enchanted island.
Gracias y que Dios los bendiga.
Thank you for providing items from the island to the mainland. My best friend and his mother left the island long ago. My friend’s mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I found your website so I can provide her with some island flavors she grew up with. She knew exactly what these snacks were and it brings her so much joy. This is my second order from you and there will be many more. It’s also my friends birthday so it’s a gift to both him and his mother.

Thank you Juan!

Jeff In
Gracias por enviarnos un cantito de Puerto Rico!
Les recomiendo usen mas tape al sellar la caja. No se salió nada pero estaba desprendida.
Hi Juan,
First of all, I wanted to thank you for your great service and prompt response. The candies are delicious!!! It brought me such great memories from my childhood when I was living in Puerto Rico. I also made an order for my sister who is a Catholic nun. She and the other sisters loved them too.
I was in heaven. Amazing!!!
Thank you,
Maria Rivera
Hello Juan,

Thank you for your hard work and keeping la “familia extendida” here in the states feel a little bit close to nuestra isla del encanto. Sigue pa lante y cualquier cosa también aquí desde Miami Florida a la orden.


Omar Berdecia
Thanks so much! I'm really excited and looking forward to receiving my shipment.
Take care and be safe!
Gracias, Juan!
Por el buen servicio y por el dulcecito de coco.🙂
Hasta la proxima.
No problem.  My wife is from Yauco and it's good to find a way that we can get the stuff from Puerto Rico shipped to us here. 
Hello Juan,
Thank you for the package you sent me with the two 14 oz. bags of Yaucono coffee which I was looking forward.  Despite the package being labeled "fragile" the Post Office carrier put in my mailbox scrunching the package but did not tear the package.
Thank you also for the two pieces of candy and for the neat Key ring with the Puerto Rican flag on it.  It is a keeper and it was very nice and decent of you to send it along with the Coffee.
I sincerely appreciate your keeping your word to me and I will pass along to others of your great service.
In the meantime, please do stay safe, stay healthy.  We are going to get through these trying times.  
Lucy Viana
Good Morning Juan,
Thank you for having the items available and your extra effort to thanks for the order. Great customer service!
My mom can't wait to eat the Favorita and Panky Wafers. :) We can't find them anywhere here in VA. 
Thank you! And I will remain your costumer.  
Hello El Colmadito,
Just want to let you know that I received the rest of my order...all looks good.  Please ignore my previous message.  It's hard to find Puerto Rico items where I live and I was concerned that someone might have kept the items since the box was opened.
Gracias por el pilon...un detallito muy bonito.
It's always my pleasure to help support my people that I love so much! Be safe and healthy with this pandemic. I look forward to going back to Puerto Rico when this bad time surpasses. God bless! 
No problem sir, I am originally from Ponce, PR. I started browsing your store like three weeks ago. It brought me back some nice memories of some of the products that my parents consumed when i was growing up. 
Muchas Gracias, buen fin de semana para usted.
Thank you for providing these colorful and very affordable masks. During this time of uncertainty and lack of employment is good to see that someone still cares and makes these items affordable so we can be in compliance with this new mandate.
Muchas gracias de nuevo. Stay strong and be safe.
Maria Ramirez-Gregg
Gracias! As you know these cannot be obtained here. Especially Bohio products which for me are the best ever.