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Cafe Yauco Selecto

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Yauco Selecto offers a particular personality with a unique taste.

A well-balanced cup, with a creamy, almost buttery taste, with an arresting aftertaste and a hint of chocolate undertones.To many people, Yauco Selecto represents the best the Caribbean has to offer.

Over 250 years ago, a few coffee trees were first introduced to the island of Puerto Rico. At the time, coffee was mostly a Caribbean crop in the new Continent. Many changes have occurred since. One thing has remained the same, the quality of coffee obtained from the top farms in Puerto Rico is unrivaled in the coffee industry. Yauco Selecto’s unique taste has made this Caribbean island a favorite among true coffee connoisseurs. The limited availability of this coffee (1994-5 crop – 3,000 bags), makes this offering an important opportunity for roasters concerned with offering a full selection of the world’s top coffees. Yauco Selecto offers an opportunity for forward thinking roasters to differentiate by offering a rare treasure. Yauco Selecto is the latest expression (exported since 1990) of Puerto Rico’s well developed coffee tradition. Our history is closely tied to the history of this Caribbean island. First brought in 1736, the Spanish immigrants who settled on the island relegated coffee to a secondary role for the most part of the 18th century. At the time, the fertile valleys were their main concern and sugar and the crops were the order of the day. During the early part of the 19th century, events in Europe forced a migration of residents from the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. They arrived to Puerto Rico and were quickly told that if they wanted to farm, they would have to go to the highlands for all the valleys were taken by the Spanish immigrants. They settled in the Southwestern Mountains of the island, mostly around a town called Yauco. Hard work and determination was rewarded when they brought forth the idea of growing coffee in these high mountains. Our coffee hails from two farms (Hacienda San Pedro and Hacienda Santa Ana) in the Southwestern Mountains of Puerto Rico. It has been recognized as one of the leading estate coffees in the world for it embodies the concept of a coffee that is planted, nurtured, grown, cultivated, processed, and exported, never leaving the hands of the partners involved. The result of one group being involved at all steps of the process is a reliably superior and consistent cup. Roasters can trust that when buying Yauco Selecto, they will be enjoying the same experience time after time. Our careful monitoring and selection process ensures this. The cup qualities of Yauco Selecto are due to a number of factors, among them are:

  1. The high mountain grown character. We grow our coffee at the highest altitudes available in Puerto Rico. Higher altitudes means a longer growing process under more temperate temperatures.
  2. We use old style arabica varieties for our coffee. As in the wine making process, bean varieties have a strong effect on the resulting taste. Our borbon and porto rico varieties produce a lower yield of a higher quality beans than the commercial varieties currently in use worldwide.
  3. Over one hundred inches of rain per year make land fertile ground for our coffee.
  4.  The clay based alonzo and malaya arcilloso spils provide the nutrients to give the coffee its particular personality.

The coffee is not only hand picked, but its also carefully monitored throughout all stages of processing. Always, the health and working conditions of the farm workers are at the forefront. As U.S. citizens, our employees earn a fair wage and enjoy safe, government-monitored working conditions. Our environmental practices include a strict erosion control program, natural fertilization, and an innovative water recycling system at the wet beneficio. Tasting Profile: The bean offers a full bodied experience, with a creamy almost buttery taste and an arresting aftertaste. A hint of chocolate undertones completes the experience. Yauco Selecto is best when roasted at a full city level (right at the second crack of the beans in the roaster). The even roast of the beans displays the care involved in the preparation. carries the Largest Selection of Coffee from Puerto Rico at the Lowest Prices. Serving our customers since 1998. its Puerto Rico Coffee Shop on the Internet.