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Cafe Yaucono

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Yaucono is a premium coffee consisting of medium roasted 100% Arabica beans that are grown in the southwest mountains of the island in the vicinity of Yauco that is one of the most picturesque and colorful little towns of the Caribbean. This coffee has been produced since 1895 a due to its quality and delicious taste ranks among the most popular and best selling brands in the region.
Cafe Yaucono from Puerto Rico, the number one selling coffee in Puerto Rico. Its a medium roast coffee with a strong aroma. Cafe Yaucono de Puerto Rico. Yaucono Coffee its now packed in a new metalic bag which help keep the coffee fresh longer.  Since the peninsular Miguel Ruiz arrived in Puerto Rico in 1896 the history of Yaucono was being written. It is a story with its difficulties and its threads of glory. After a decline in exports and an increase in the production costs, by 1910 Puerto Rican coffee had regained most of its traditional European markets. It was then when Don Miguel brought his nephew Tiburcio Jiménez from Spain to work with him at the rudimentary roasting he established in Miramar, in the capital city of San Juan. It was Tiburcio who recovered the brand Yaucono originally created by Tomás Prado in 1914, acquired by the Ruiz heirs in 1916 and sold by them a year later. Tiburcio was filled with enthusiasm! During the ‘50s he had to close the roaster twice because the profits were diminishing. But every time Yaucono returned to the market the sales exceeded the previous ones. In 1957 his youngest son – José Enrique Jiménez (Don Quique) – joined the company, and three years later was named head of sales and marketing. His novel ideas found resistance from his father but in 1963 he was promoted to president, leading the brand to its consolidation as Puerto Rico’s #1 coffee.

From then on, Yaucono grew to be an iconic brand; one which represents our coffee culture and tradition.  This is the coffee that has been in every Puerto Rican household, and continues to be preferred by customers.  This is why Don Quique used to sing, and we all still sing: “¡Por el gustito yo lo sé, Yaucono es el mejor café!” (One taste and you will know, the best coffee is Yaucono!). Tasting profile: It has the perfect medium-tasting roast mixed with prime coffee. Balanced flavors; smooth and balanced. Its careful preparation and taste has made it the favorite for generations. Available in regular, decaf, instant and espresso. carries the Largest Selection of Coffee from Puerto Rico at the Lowest Prices. Serving our customers since 1998. its Puerto Rico Coffee Shop on the Internet.