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Cafe Yaucono Decaf -

2 Cans Yaucono Decaf

$ 29.19 $ 29.99

Cafe Yaucono Decaf Canned 8.8oz from Puerto Rico, the number one selling coffee in Puerto Rico. Its a medium roast coffee with a strong aroma. Cafe Yaucono de Puerto Rico. Cafe Yaucono Descafeinado. Tasting profile: It has the perfect medium-tasting roast mixed with prime coffee. Balanced flavors; smooth and balanced. Its careful preparation and taste has made it the favorite for generations. Available in regular, decaf, instant and espresso.

Customer Reviews

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Best Coffee

Fantastic as usual. I am committed to you for life and will always love Puerto Rican's the best in the world.

Luis L.
Yaucono Decaf

It is for a Christmas gift. I do not drink decaf coffee. But this is the second time I am giving this coffee as a gift because the person I gave it to last Christmas just loved it! You can't go wrong with Yaucono!

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